BEST designer cooker hoods take to the road!

BEST designer cooker hoods take to the road!

Following a successful summer last year, the Britannia show vehicle is once again making its way up and down the country, with a selection of products on display. This is the first year which Britannia range cookers, BEST designer cooker hoods and Fournelle range cookers have been on show in the vehicle together.

In addition to the seven range cookers, the show vehicle houses three BEST cooker hoods – all of which are new additions to the wall-mounted category for 2011. The Equinox – which combines neutral white glass with a shiny chrome finish to create optimum contrast and an overall elegant retro design; the Surf – which is a landscape model featuring a beautiful curved finish in brushed stainless steel and the Dune – which is reminiscent of a more traditional classic hood design.

Equinox cooker hood

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To find out where you can see the show vehicle, click on the following link: