7 hints and tips on choosing the perfect cooker hood

7 hints and tips on choosing the perfect cooker hood

With the designer cooker hoods range from BEST offering a choice of contemporary hoods to suit all tastes and budgets, you can be assured of getting the look you want. But if you’re not sure where to start when it comes to the practicalities or installation, here’s our expert advice to take you through the basics…

1. Duct-out or recycled? Wherever possible, it’s best to duct-out, which means that steam and odours are expelled outside. Not only does this method of extraction circulate at least 30% more air than hoods on recycled mode, but the ducted-out models also don’t require the charcoal filters that need to be changed every two to three months if the air is being recycled. Furthermore, while hoods used on recycling mode will help reduce cooking odours, they will not reduce steam or condensation as a ducted-out hood can.

2. Think about the practicalities – when choosing an island hood, ensure that the ceiling is sound and that it has adequate strength to accept the weight of the hood.

Polar Island hood - nett weight 29.5kg

3. Consider the route of your ducting – you will also need to consider the route for the ducting, and if your ceiling has joists, check the direction in which they run. To maximise the efficiency of your hood, try to keep the number of bends to a minimum and avoid using reducers (i.e. ducting with a smaller diameter) as these will also dramatically reduce performance and increase noise levels.

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4. Maximise extraction – if you are having a canopy housing constructed, it’s a good idea to incorporate a recess into the underside of the housing, which holds and contains fumes and vapours before the canopy motor extracts them away.

5. Think about the noise – if you have an open-plan kitchen/diner or enjoy entertaining in your kitchen, it really does pay to opt for a quieter hood. BEST’s Silent Tech, for instance, ensures that some of its hoods operate at just 49dB when set to the lowest setting, which means that it won’t interrupt the flow of your conversation.

Spark island hood featuring BEST Silent Tech

6. Know how to get the best from your hood – to remove cooking odours most efficiently, remember to turn on your hood before you start cooking and then leave it running on the lowest speed for a few extra minutes once you’ve finished. Many of the BEST cooker hoods are fitted with a useful timer function that can be set to switch the hood off five minutes after you’ve finished cooking.

7. Let your hood do the thinking for you – some of BEST’s island hoods feature Advanced Sensor Control, whereby the hood senses odours and steam and switches itself on automatically, meaning you can keep your hands free and focus on cooking and entertaining your guests.

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