Ceiling extractors – 8 things you need to consider before buying a ceiling extractor

Ceiling extractors – 8 things you need to consider before buying a ceiling extractor

Ceiling extractors are literally built-in to your ceiling. They are gaining in popularity, being favoured by interior designers and architects for modern, bespoke kitchen designs. Below are some important issues to consider before making your choice.

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1. Can you only use ceiling extractors in standard height kitchens?
BEST ceiling hoods are suitable for a ceiling height of 2.0m or more. The extraction will reduce if the ceiling height is over 2.5m – a false ceiling is then recommended to lower the height of the hood (see picture below).

2. What else do you need to consider for the ceiling?
Ceiling extractors can be heavy. The Cirrus is 23.9 kg (including an integrated motor), but the Phobos is over 80kg! You also need to consider the depth requirements – check the technical drawings on each ceiling hood page. Make sure the fixing points (for instance the joists) are sound. Also, ensure that the ducting follows the same direction as the joists. The motor of the BEST ceiling extractors can be rotated 360˚ so that the ducting outlet can go in any horizontal direction. We recommend that your installer checks your ceiling suitability beforehand.

3. What if my ceiling isn’t white?
The Cirrus ceiling extractor is stainless steel, so it will suit almost any colour ceiling. The Phobos and Enigma hoods can be painted the same colour as the ceiling to give a seamless look.

4. Are ceiling extractors noisy?
Despite high extraction rates (840 m3/h for the Cirrus and 910 m3/h for the Phobos and Enigma hoods) the noise levels are relatively low. The minimum noise level of the Cirrus is 61db and the maximum is 69dB. The Phobos and Enigma are even quieter with a maximum noise level of 66dB.
For an even lower noise level fit the Cirrus model with an external or remote motor. This allows the source of the noise to be removed from the kitchen area and placed either in another room or outside. Find out more about reducing the noise of your cooker hood.

5. Do ceiling extractors need to be ducted out?
To ensure optimum performance, all BEST ceiling extractors need to be ducted out.

6. Are ceiling extractors suitable for any size of kitchen?
Ceiling extractors can be used in any kind of kitchen, but are particularly suitable for open-plan living. Ceiling extractors allow a sense of space and minimalism as they sit above the eye line. They are powerful, large hoods starting at 1100mm wide, so are the ideal solution for larger spaces.

7. How are ceiling extractors operated?
They are operated using a remote control. All BEST ceiling hoods come with a stylish remote control manufactured from high grade steel. Its rotary control allows you to switch the hood on and off, adjust the extraction speed and switch the lights on and off.

8. What about the lighting?
All BEST ceiling extractors feature LED lighting. The LED lighting of the Phobos and Enigma can be used in two phases: just half the lights for ambiance or all the lights for cooking.

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