Do you know the 6 main types of cooker hood?

Do you know the 6 main types of cooker hood?

If you are unsure where to start when selecting a cooker hood, read our guide to the different cooker hood types.

1. Canopy hoods
As the name suggests, these cooker hoods are fitted in the base of canopy housing or overhead cupboards and are not really visible. Canopy hoods are also known as built-in or built-under cooker hoods. BEST canopy hoods are available in 52cm or 70cm wide. These hoods are fitted with ASC (Advanced Sensor Control) – which means that you can operate them fully automatically. No hassle with bending over the hob to find the on/off switch! Canopy hoods are suitable for ducting out or recycling.

2. Ceiling hoods
These hoods are built into the ceiling. Ceiling hoods require a high extraction rate (at least 800 m3/h) because they are installed relatively far away from the hob. All BEST ceiling hoods feature a remote control as standard and require ducting out. The Cirrus ceiling hood can be installed with an external or remote motor.

3. Chimney hoods or wall-mounted hoods
These are installed against a wall and are not suitable for kitchen islands. The most well-known chimney hood has a pyramid shape, but BEST offers a wide selection of different styles. A “vertical hood” is a new kind of chimney hood that sits horizontally against the wall and angles outwards from the base to the top of the hood. This is ideal if the cook is tall and doesn’t want head height restrictions. Wall-mounted hoods are available for recycling and ducting out. Please check the individual product pages as to whether a chimney kit is required if you are ducting out.

4. Island cooker hoods
An island hood is an obvious choice when you are having a cooking island installed in your kitchen. Most island hoods are available for ducting out and recycling. Island hoods come in different shapes and colours.

5. Pendant cooker hoods
Pendant hoods look like contemporary lighting designs. Pendant hoods can be installed above a cooking island or close to a wall. Most pendant hoods are available for recycling only.

6. Downdraft cooker hoods
These high-tech hoods are installed in the worktop behind a hob. The motor can be placed in the kitchen cabinet below or outside the kitchen. Downdraft hoods can be used in kitchen islands or close to a wall. They are hidden away when not in use and are operated via touch control or push button. Downdraft cooker hoods are available for ducting out or for recycling.

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