How to increase the efficiency of your cooker hood and keep your kitchen odour-free

How to increase the efficiency of your cooker hood and keep your kitchen odour-free

Do you feel your cooker hood doesn’t extract as well as you thought it would?
Would you like to improve the performance of your cooker hood? Here are our five tips to help increase the efficiency of your cooker hood…

1. Before you start to cook – turn your cooker hood on
This is an excellent tip which people often overlook! Before you even start washing your vegetables and peeling your potatoes, turn on your cooker hood to the lowest speed. This will help the air in the kitchen to start circulating. When you begin cooking, the airflow will already be moving and you shouldn’t need to activate the higher speeds on the hood (unless you burn something). This will also keep the hood nice and quiet – give it a go!

2. Make sure you clean the grease filters on a regular basis
The grease filters are housed at the bottom of the hood where most of the grease gets captured. Naturally, the filters will operate more efficiently if the holes are not blocked by grease. The majority of grease filters can be cleaned in the dishwasher (check with the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure they are suitable).

3. Replace your charcoal filters
Cooker hoods which are not ducted out have charcoal filters. These sit behind the grease filters or are attached to the hood motor. Have a look at the instruction booklet to discover how regularly the charcoal filters should be replaced. If your cooker hood is ducted out, then you don’t need to consider charcoal filters.

4. Have a look what type of ducting is used
The sort of ducting used will have an impact on the performance of your cooker hood. Ensure that the correct sized ducting (diameter) is used. If you need more information on this call the hood manufacturer. Check to see that no reducers or concertina type ducting is being used – these will reduce the extraction rate (this is also affected by the length of the ducting and the amount of bends in it). Is it possible to alter the ducting run to increase extraction?

5. Leave your cooker hood switched on after you have finished cooking

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It’s a good idea to leave your cooker hood running for a short while after you have finished cooking. This helps to remove any residual smells from your kitchen area. Certain cooker hoods have a timer which will automatically switch the hood off after a set period of time. Other handy features include Advanced Sensor Control, which automatically controls the hood and turns it off once all the smells have been removed.