Island cooker hoods – 4 things to consider before you buy an island hood

Island cooker hoods – 4 things to consider before you buy an island hood

Island hoods are a popular choice above a kitchen island. As cooking islands are mostly installed in open-plan kitchens, extracting smells from the kitchen is important. What do you need to think about before choosing your island hood?

1. Ducting out or recycling?
If your kitchen is not well ventilated and you have problems with condensation, then you need to duct out. A ducted hood will not only remove smells, it will also remove steam and reduce condensation.
If you have an open-plan kitchen and you entertain regularly, then we also recommend having your hood ducted out. A ducted hood will circulate at least 30% more air than hoods in recycling mode.
BEST Polar, Lipari, Spark, Gloss and Lampedusa hoods can all be ducted out. A chimney kit is available so that the Secret hood can be ducted out.

2. The ceiling
You have to make sure that your ceiling is sound and has adequate strength for mounting an island hood. The weight of each of our island hoods is listed on the web page for the individual hoods. If you are concerned about the weight, check with your installer or contact our technical advice line on 0871 871 8680.
If you have your island hood ducted out, then you also need to consider the route for the ducting. In which direction do the joists run? It is not possible to run ducting in the opposite direction to the joists.

3. The design of your dining area
Especially if you have an open-plan kitchen, it looks good if some of the design cues in the kitchen and the dining area are the same. Our pendant cooker hoods not only look like lighting designs, they all feature halogen lighting. Why not have the same pendant hood above your hob and above your dining table, too? It’s a great way to create a link between the cooking and the dining areas and you can improve air circulation in the dining area, too!

4. Other options
Island hoods are not the only option for kitchen islands. For a minimalist look have a look at our downdraft cooker hoods or ceiling hoods. These options are less well-known, but are becoming increasingly popular.

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