5 cooker hood types for low ceilings

5 cooker hood types for low ceilings

Most cooker hoods are designed for ceiling heights of 2.3 to 2.7 metres (7.5 to 9 feet). Many kitchens, however, have ceilings that are lower than 2.3 meters. What do you do if your ceiling is lower? Here are a few cooker hood types for low ceilings:

1. Pendant hoods
Shortening poles are available for most of our lamp-style island hoods (also called pendant hoods). These shortening poles make the hoods suitable for ceiling heights of 2.08 to 2.3 metres (6.8 to 7.5 feet). There are quite a few options: pendant hoods in stainless steel, chrome or painted aluminium (in black or white). Have a look at the Vintage, Sphera, Outline, Gemini and Moon pendant hoods. These hoods are only suitable for use in recycling mode. Please note that the shortening pole needs to be ordered separately and is only suitable for those hoods where “shortening poles” are listed under the “Optional accessories”.

2. Downdraft cooker hoods
If you need a hood that is ducted out, then downdraft cooker hoods are a great option for low ceilings. Downdraft cooker hoods are built in the work surface, so they are suitable for any ceiling height (the hood only rises 310mm out of the work surface!). Have a look at BEST downdraft hoods. Or continue reading about the 10 things you need to know before buying a downdraft extractor.

3. Vertical wall mounted cooker hoods
If you use these hoods in recycling mode, then you don’t need to install a chimney kit. Vertical cooker hoods need to be installed 500mm above a gas hob and only 400mm above an electric hob and their total height (excluding chimney kit) is 530mm. This means you can use them for a ceiling height of around 2 meters or 6.5 feet. Have a look at the Surf and Kite cooker hoods. Please note that most other chimney hoods need to be installed 650mm to 750mm above the hob.

4. Canopy hoods
Canopy hoods (also called built-in or built-under cooker hoods) are fitted into the base of a chimney-breast style housing or into overhead cupboards, so you don’t have to worry about ceiling height at all. Visso canopy hoods can be ducted out or used in recycling mode.

5. Ceiling hoods
BEST ceiling hoods are made with a standard ceiling height of 2.3m in mind, a lower ceiling height of say 2m (6.5ft) would be totally acceptable. The Cirrus and Enigma would be the most suitable over an island feature, as their designs are flush to the ceiling making them ideal for restricted heights.

Which is the most suitable cooker hood for your kitchen with a low ceiling? It really depends on what design you like. Also, consider these questions:

Do you have a cooking island? If so, a downdraft, ceiling or pendant cooker hood is the best option.

Do you need good extraction performance? You will need to duct out – go for a downdraft, ceiling cooker hood or a canopy hood.

Have a look at these cooker hood designs:
Pendant hoods
Downdraft hoods
Wall-mounted hoods
Canopy hoods

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