6 important points to consider before ducting out your cooker hood

6 important points to consider before ducting out your cooker hood

A ducted hood is vented through an outside wall, removing air from the kitchen. If possible, it is preferable to duct out (rather than use a cooker hood in recirculation mode) because ducted hoods recirculate more air and they remove condensation and steam from the kitchen. For new build kitchens or extensions, it is a requirement that you are able to remove steam from the kitchen.What do you need to consider before installing a ducted hood?


1. Location of your cooker hood

Can you plan your cooker and hood onto an outside wall? This is recommended planning because it will shorten the ducting run (and therefore maximise the extraction performance and minimise noise levels).

2. Ducting run

The shorter the duct run and the fewer the bends, the higher the performance of your cooker hood will be. There is some trade off between the two – you can have more bends if the ducting run is shorter. It is, for instance, recommended that the ducting run is not longer than 4 metres if you have one 90° bend. If you have two 90° bends, then the ducting should be no more than 3 metres.
Where possible, the direction of the ducting should decline downwards slightly to the outside wall to prevent condensation running back into the hood, and onto your hob.

3. Ducting size

You always have to buy ducting separately from the hood, so that you can get the right ducting for the requirements in your kitchens. All cooker hoods are developed for a specific size ducting. For optimal performance of the cooker hood, it is important to use the correct size ducting. Don’t use reducers because it will negatively affect the performance of your hood. Most BEST cooker hoods have outlets that will accept ducting with a diameter of 150mm.

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4. Ducting type

You should always use rigid ducting because flexible or ribbed ducting will reduce the extraction performance of the hood and increase the noise level.

5. Ceiling joists

If you are having an island or ceiling hood, then you need to consider the direction of the joists. It is not possible to run ducting in the opposite direction to the joists. It is also wise to check the height of the joists. Joists are often 5” high – our Megaducting kit (flat channel ducting) is especially developed for these.

6. Chimney kits for ducted hoods

Some BEST cooker hoods (such as the Kite and Equinox hoods) require a separate chimney kit if you want to duct out your cooker hood. Chimney kits can be purchased as an optional extra from your kitchen or appliance retailer.

Please note that with the only exception of pendant hoods, all BEST cooker hoods can be ducted out. Browse our product catalogue to find your cooker hood.

Click here to download the ducting information PDF

Can’t duct out? Most of our hoods can also be used as recirculation cooker hoods.