7 essential questions about recirculation cooker hoods

7 essential questions about recirculation cooker hoods

Most cooker hoods have two modes: recirculation-only and ducted out. Here we answer the frequently asked questions about cooker hoods in recirculation mode.

1. What are recirculation cooker hoods?
Recirculation cooker hoods clean air before recycling it back into your kitchen. These hoods are also called recycling or recycle-only cooker hoods.

2. What types of recirculation hoods are available?
BEST has a selection of pendant, island, wall mounted, downdraft and canopy hoods which can be recirculated. Click on the images below to see the various hoods:

3. How does it work?
The air in the kitchen is drawn into the cooker hood. The air first passes through metal grease filters in which fats are trapped. Then the air is further cleaned by charcoal filters which help absorb cooking smells. After this cleaning process, the air is circulated back into the kitchen.

4. What is the difference with ducted hoods?
Ducted hoods remove the air from the kitchen to the outside. This means that steam and condensation are removed from the kitchen – hoods in recirculation mode are not able to do this. Also, ducted hoods will circulate more air than recirculation hoods (depending on the extraction level and the number of bends and length of the ducting run).

5. Can all hoods be used as recirculation hoods?
All BEST cooker hoods can be used as recirculating hoods. BEST ceiling hoods are the only exception – these can only be used as ducted out models. Other brands in the market may have more models that can only be used as ducted models – check the specifications or speak to your retailer.

6. In what cases should a recirculation hood be used?
Your choice of hood depends on several factors. If there is, for instance, a fossil fuel burning appliance in the kitchen, then you must use a recirculation hood. Recirculation hoods are also ideal for passive houses and buildings with heat recovery systems; or when it’s not possible to duct out.
In new builds or extensions, however, you need to use a ducted model (or you can use an additional wall or ceiling fan in addition to your recirculation cooker hood).
If you regularly deep fry food or do a lot of wok cooking, then it may be better to consider a ducted model. You should also consider what hood design suits your kitchen style. Some hood styles are only available as recirculation models, such as pendant-style hoods.

7. What cleaning needs to be done to maintain performance?
Grease filters need to be cleaned regularly, but all BEST grease filters can easily be cleaned in a dishwasher! Charcoal filters need to be replaced every 2 to 3 months or earlier depending on usage. Charcoal filters are an optional extra (unless otherwise indicated) and can be purchased through your kitchen retailer or our Spare Parts department (0871 871 8680).

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Browse our cooker hood catalogue to find a recirculation hood that suits your kitchen design. Or is there anything else you want to know about recirculation cooker hoods? Call our Technical department (0871 871 8680) or e-mail us enquiry@besthoods.co.uk.