Island cooker hoods for high ceilings – what are the options?

Island cooker hoods for high ceilings – what are the options?

Many period houses have high ceilings, so what do you do if you need an extractor for your cooking island?
Here are some cooker hoods for high ceilings…

1. Pendant style hoods for ceiling heights up to 3.6m
We provide optional lengthening poles for pendant hoods. This means that these hoods can be used for ceilings up to 3.6m high!

The lengthening poles are suitable for the following hoods: Vintage, Sphera, Outline, Gemini and Moon.

The height of the impressive Double Vertigo island hood is adjustable making this hood suitable for ceiling heights up to 2.9m.

2. Ducted hoods for ceiling heights up to 3.05m
If you’d like to have your hood ducted out, then the Polar Island hood and Secret hood are excellent choices. Click here for more information about the advantages of ducting out.

The chimney section of the Polar Island hood is height adjustable, making it suitable for ceiling heights up to 3.05m high. The Polar Island hood features Silent Tech and is one of the quietest hoods on the market. At lower speeds, the noise is almost imperceptible!

cooker hoods for high ceilings

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An optional chimney kit is required to duct out the Secret hood. This chimney kit is height adjustable – making it suitable for ceiling heights up to 2.9m. To match your kitchen colour scheme, the Secret hood can be customised with panels of your choice.

Please note that both the Polar and Secret island hoods can be used in recycling mode if preferred.

3. Alternatives to island hoods
Downdraft hoods and ceiling hoods are great alternatives to island hoods – especially if you have a high ceiling.

Downdraft cooker hoods are installed behind the hob. As they are not mounted on the ceiling, they are suitable for any ceiling height. They are neatly hidden below the work top when they are not in use. We offer a selection of downdraft hoods in widths of 60cm and 90cm. They are suitable for either ducting out or recirculation.

Ceiling cooker hoods are literally built into your ceiling. They are suitable for ceiling heights of up to 2.5m. For higher ceilings, a false ceiling can be used to lower the fitted height of the hood.

If you are not sure what hood to choose for your kitchen island, then don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01253 471001. We’re always happy to help!

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