9 island cooker hoods for 90cm hobs (plus two alternatives)

9 island cooker hoods for 90cm hobs (plus two alternatives)

You’re having a kitchen island with a 90cm hob, but you’re not sure how to choose your cooker hood? It’s important that you choose an island hood with sufficient extraction power – 600m3/h is really the minimum you should look for. If your kitchen is larger than 5 by 6 metres, or if you do a lot of griddling or wok cooking, then a minimum extraction rate of 700m3/h is recommended.

Here’s a list of island cooker hoods for 90cm hobs:

1. The Double Vertigo hood will turn heads

The curves of the Double Vertigo hood will create a focal point in your kitchen. This hood features two 390m3/h motors (the total extraction rate is 780m3/h) and 6 halogen lights. It’s suitable for recirculation.

2. The Outline hood is for a more subtle look

The Outline has the same extraction power (780m3/h) as the Double Vertigo, but its overall look is more subtle. A special extension kit is available to make the Outline hood suitable for ceilings up to 3.6m high.

3. The Secret hood is customisable for a co-ordinated look
The standard options of the Secret hood are black glass and white glass. For a more personalised look, try matching your work surface, splash back or go for a piece of glass art. The Secret has an extraction rate of 700m3/h and can be used for recirculation or ducting out. An optional chimney kit is available for the ducted mode.

4. The 90cm Polar Island hood – the quietest option!
Despite its powerful motor and an extraction rate of 800m3/h, the Polar Island hood is one of the quietest on the market. The noise level is barely perceptible at the lowest speeds. The Polar Island hood is available with black or white glass and it comes with a circular control. The Polar Island hood can be used for recirculation or ducting out.

5. The 100cm Spark island hood – for a commercial look
As quiet and powerful as the Polar hood, this stainless steel hood with a flat glass panel will give your kitchen a commercial look. The LED lighting makes it environmentally friendly, too. The Spark hood is suitable for ducting out or recirculation.

6. The Gloss island hood – for a polished look

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The stainless steel of the Gloss hood is polished for a slightly shiny look. The Gloss has an extraction rate of 630m3/h and it features 3 LED lights. The Gloss island hood is suitable for ducting out or recirculation.

7. Two Lampedusa hoods – a powerful duo
Despite a diameter of only 32cm, a Lampedusa hood has an extraction rate of 630m3/h. Two Lampedusa’s will provide you with the most powerful option of this list: a total extraction rate of 1,260m3/h. The Lampedusa island hood can be used for either ducting out or recirculation.

8. The Lipari hood will add some colour to your kitchen
The Lipari island hood in red adds a nice splash of colour to your kitchen. This hood also features Advanced Sensor Control, so you don’t need to worry about switching your hood on and off – it can be operated fully automatically thanks to its sensor. The Lipari is suitable for recirculation or ducting out.

9. Two Moon pendant hoods – an elegant duo
With a diameter of only 50cm, two Moons could be installed above a 90cm hob. Each Moon hood features 3 halogen lights. If you’re having an open-plan kitchen, consider having a Moon (or two) over your dining table to provide lighting. Each Moon hood has an extraction rate of 390m3/h (recirculation only).

Alternatives to island cooker hoods:

90cm Lift and Movie downdraft hoods
Downdraft cooker hoods are a popular alternative to island hoods. Downdraft hoods are installed behind the hob and are neatly hidden below the work top when they are not in use. BEST offers a selection of stainless steel, white glass and black glass downdraft hoods. All BEST downdraft hoods are suitable for ducting out or recirculation and they can also be installed with a remote motor.

Cirrus, Phobos and Enigma ceiling hoods
Ceiling hoods are a recent addition to the cooker hood market, but their popularity has been growing fast. Ceiling cooker hoods are built into your ceiling. They are available for ducting out only.

If you are not sure what 90cm hood to choose for your kitchen, then don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01253 471001. We’re always happy to help!

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