Two building regulations you must know before buying a cooker hood

Two building regulations you must know before buying a cooker hood

When designing and installing a new kitchen, there are so many things to think about – your colour scheme, what appliances to choose, where to buy etc. It is also important to consider building regulations that apply to cooker hoods, as they may affect your choice.

Building regulations for cooker hoods

1. You must have a way to remove steam and condensation from the kitchen

This regulation is in place to prevent mould building up in your kitchen. This regulation does not affect kitchen re-fits, but it does apply to new build kitchens and kitchen extensions.

There are two ways to remove steam and condensation from your kitchen:

One option is to have a ducted hood. A ducted hood will remove steam and condensation from the kitchen and extract it to the outside.

The second option is to have another form of extraction (e.g. a wall or ceiling fan) in addition to a hood that recycles air only (a hood that only recycles the air doesn’t remove steam and condensation to the outside). If you use an additional wall or ceiling fan, then such a fan should extract at least 60 lt/min.

Please note that an extractor hood above a cooker or hob only needs to be able to remove 30 lt/min. All BEST cooker hoods exceed this minimum extraction rate.

2. Cooker hoods in a room with a wood burning stove

The rules regarding ducted hoods and open flue fossil fuel burning appliances in the same room are important for your safety.

You cannot have a wood burning stove with an open flue in the same room as a hood that is ducted out. The best solution is a recycle-only cooker hood. Recycling-only hoods use charcoal filters to capture grease and odours. These filters need to be changed regularly depending on use.

All BEST cooker hoods can be used as a recycle-only hood – ceiling hoods are the only exception.

If you are unsure please check with your installer or call our technical department on 0871 871 8680.

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