How to choose a cooker hood for a contemporary kitchen

How to choose a cooker hood for a contemporary kitchen

Are you looking for a contemporary cooker hood?

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Before discussing the various options for contemporary cooker hoods, let’s briefly consider two key trends in kitchen design…

One trend is to have hoods integrated within the overall design – making the hood almost invisible. This trend is most prevalent in minimalist kitchens.

The second trend is having a contemporary hood that takes proud centre stage – a cooker hood that attracts attention and maybe makes your guests wonder what it is. It may be more similar to a piece of contemporary art or an iconic lighting design than to a cooker hood.

Keeping these two trends in mind, what are the options for contemporary cooker hoods?

Contemporary cooker hoods for a kitchen island

If you’d like to have an “invisible” hood, then consider ceiling or downdraft hoods. For a more noticeable extractor, consider an island hood. There is a wide variety of island hoods – from a subtle to a glamorously glittering design.

Ceiling hoods are built into the ceiling – they are a great option for a minimalist design. All BEST ceiling hoods are operated by remote control. They are suitable for ducting out only. They have high extraction rates and are suitable for large open plan kitchens. All ceiling hoods come with LED lighting.

Downdraft cooker hoods are often used for contemporary kitchen islands. A downdraft hood is hidden below your work surface when not in use. It will sit just over 30cm above your work surface when in use. BEST downdraft hoods are available for recirculation or ducting out.

Island hoods are more suitable if you prefer something glamorous. Have you seen the shiny flowing lines of the Double Vertigo cooker hood? Does it look like a piece of modern art? Alternatively, the subtle Moon, the dazzling Sphera, the classy Gemini or the retro Vintage pendant hoods resemble contemporary lighting designs. Some island hoods are available for recirculation only, while others can also be ducted out.

Contemporary cooker hoods for hobs installed close to a wall

If you’d like to go for a concealed extractor, then consider a canopy hood. For a more striking model, consider a contemporary wall-mounted cooker hood – there’s a lot of choice!

Canopy hoods are built into a kitchen cabinet. They allow you to have a clean run of cabinets (even slim-line cabinets) and are a great alternative to telescopic hoods (which interrupt the cabinet line and obstruct the view of your hob). The Visso hood features Advanced Sensor Control, so you can operate it fully automatically.

Wall-mounted hoods have advanced much beyond the traditional pyramid style or “upside-down T-shaped” hoods. Have a look at the unusual, appealing shape of the Shelf – does it seem to be a cooker hood? And what about the gorgeous Equinox? For a slightly more subtle look, there’s also the popular Kite hood.

And don’t forget, most of the pendant hoods can be installed close to a wall too!

Not sure what to choose? Check our gallery for some inspiration!