Three options for extremely quiet cooker hoods

Three options for extremely quiet cooker hoods

Would you prefer a quiet cooker hood? Do you hate switching on your cooker hood because it’s so noisy?

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All hoods below have a minimum noise level of only 41 dB thanks to BEST Silent Tech. This means that the noise level is almost imperceptible when using the hoods at the lowest speeds, so you can enjoy listening to music or chatting with friends and family without being disturbed by a noisy extractor.

BEST Silent Tech cooker hoods feature enhanced sound proofing, a patented motor and a three dimensional wave filter system. This system allows the air to move through a larger surface area, which reduces noise while maintaining a high airflow rate and efficient grease capture. The perimeter extraction also improves the extraction performance because it forces the air through an aperture along the perimeter of the extractor.

All hoods mentioned below are suitable for either ducting out or recirculation. Their maximum extraction rate is 800 m3/h.

A quiet wall-mounted cooker hood
The Polar is the quietest wall-mounted hood in our range. It’s available with either black or white glass. The smart rotary control of the Polar blinks to indicate the speed level used. A timer can be activated to allow the extractor to run for five extra minutes before switching itself off. This extractor also features two halogen lights.

Two options for a quiet island cooker hood
The Polar island hood features 4 halogen lights to illuminate your kitchen island. Just like the wall-mounted version (see above) it is available in black or white glass. It also has a rotary control and a timer.

The combination of glass, stainless steel and LED lighting give the Spark a modern, streamlined look. At 100cm wide it’s suitable for use with a 90cm or or a 90cm built-in hob.

How to install and use a quiet cooker hood
Always use the ducting recommended by the manufacturer. Don’t be tempted to use smaller, ribbed or concertina-type ducting. Try to have a ducting run that’s as short as possible. This will ensure your cooker hood is as quiet as possible.

Switch your cooker hood on a few minutes before you start cooking. This will ensure you can leave the extractor at a lower speed level – keeping the noise level low.