Island extractors – 8 essential questions before buying an island extractor fan

Island extractors – 8 essential questions before buying an island extractor fan

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ct an island extractor for your kitchen?

It’s an important decision as an island extractor often draws a lot of attention – it can be a feature in its own right. And of course, it should also help keep your kitchen grease and odour-free.

Below are 8 key points to consider before buying an island extractor.

1. Would you like to duct out or to recirculate?
Ducting out is preferred if you are able to do so. A ducted hood will not only remove grease and smells, but also steam – preventing condensation in your kitchen. Before deciding on ducting, check that the ducting will run parallel to the joists in your ceiling.

2. What extraction rate do you need?
This depends on the size of your kitchen. This formula calculates your recommended extraction rate:
kitchen height x kitchen length x kitchen width x 10
If your kitchen is 2.4m high, 5m long and 4m wide, you will require a hood with an extraction rate of 2.4m x 5m x 4m x 10 = 480 m3/h.

3. What size of island extractor would suit best?
A larger extractor has a larger catchment area. It will therefore be more effective over a larger hob area than a smaller extractor. However, some narrow hoods, such as the Gloss or Lampedusa, have a relatively high extraction rate (630 m3/h) to compensate for the smaller catchment area. These hoods are suitable for hobs up to 70cm wide.
For a 90cm hob, you can choose to install a larger extractor or have a pair of narrow extractors. Click here for a list of island hoods that are suitable for 90cm hobs.

4. What height does your island extractor need to be?
Most extractors are adjustable to fit various ceiling heights. An extractor should be installed no lower than 65cm above your hob. We recommend a height between 65cm and 75cm above your hob.
To calculate the required height of your extractor, take your ceiling height and deduct the distance from the floor to the top of your work surface, and deduct an extra 65cm (or 75cm if you prefer your extractor higher).
If your kitchen is 2.4m high, and your work surface is at 90cm above the floor, you will require a hood with a height of 240cm – 90cm – 65cm = 85cm.
You may want to check out our list of island extractors suitable for high ceilings; or cooker hood options for low ceilings.

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5. What is your kitchen style?
You can choose from a large selection of extractor styles. Make sure your choice suits your kitchen style. Are you looking for a commercial look or something more subtle? Are you after something that doesn’t look like an extractor? Check our full selection of island extractors to find a design that suits your kitchen.

6. What colour would you prefer?
Stainless steel continues to be a popular option, but you can also choose a gleaming chrome finish, black, white or even a red island extractor. Consider how your extractor suits your overall kitchen colour scheme.
To completely match your kitchen design, you can add a custom panel to the Secret island extractor.

7. What about noise levels?
Noise levels vary depending on the selected speed level. Make sure you select a hood with a noise level of less than 50 dB for the lowest speed.
For something extremely quiet, have a look at the Spark and Polar island extractors – at the lowest speed their noise is almost imperceptible.

8. What about the lighting?
Your extractor shouldn’t just clean the air in your kitchen; it should also light your hob. For optimum lighting, choose an extractor with at least 2 halogen lights of 20W each. For a more environmentally friendly option, consider a hood with LED lighting. The Spark and Gloss extractors both feature LEDs. The Lipari hood features additional ambient lighting in red or white.

Alternatives to island extractors
Not sure whether your island extractor may block your view in the kitchen? You may want to consider installing a downdraft extractor or a giochi, prodotti da Novomatic, sono di qualità”>ceiling extractor above your kitchen island.