Why angled cooker hoods are growing in popularity

Why angled cooker hoods are growing in popularity

It’s not surp

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rising that angled cooker hoods are popular. An angled hood doesn’t just look extremely good, it is also less likely that you’ll bump your head against it!

Angled cooker hoods come in a variety of colours, sizes, styles and specifications: Quite a few options to choose from!

“Landscape” cooker hoods

The combination of shiny chrome and black or white glass gives the Kite hood a sophisticated look. It’s available in 55cm or 80cm wide. The 55cm hood is suitable for hobs up to 70cm wide, while the 80cm version is suitable for 80cm and 90cm hobs.

The polished stainless steel circle and curved edges of the Sun cooker hood remind us, unsurprisingly, of the sun. This angled hood is 80cm wide and available in black or white glass.

The Mask, Azimuth and Surf complete the BEST selection of “landscape” cooker hoods. These three hoods are 80cm wide. Each hood teams polished stainless steel with black glass – adding a refined designer look to your kitchen.

All “landscape” hoods (also called “vertical hoods”) feature an extraction rate of 740 m3/h – making them suitable for most kitchen sizes. The twin extraction apertures further enhance performance. All BEST “landscape” hoods are available for ducting out or recirculating. If you prefer to have your cooker hood ducted out, then a separate chimney can be purchased to hide the ducting. The recommended installation distance above an electric hob is 40cm and above a gas hob it is 50cm.

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Equinox cooker hood

The Equinox was recently featured in an article about extractor design trends in The Times newspaper – suggesting that this angled cooker hood really doesn’t look like an extractor.

The Equinox is available in two versions: either as a combination of black and mirror glass or teaming chrome with white glass. The Equinox is a large hood with a diameter of 80cm and an extraction rate of 740 m3/h. A separate chimney kit can be purchased if you prefer to install this cooker hood with ducting. The Equinox should be installed 45cm above your hob.


The simple lines and perimeter extraction of the Etna cooker hood will look good in any kitchen design – no matter whether it’s a traditional or a contemporary design. This angled cooker hood in stainless steel has an extraction rate of 690 m3/h. It’s available for ducting out or recirculation and should be installed 65cm above your electric hob or 75cm above your gas hob.

All angled cooker hoods are wall-mounted.