Designer cooker hoods for small kitchens

Designer cooker hoods for small kitchens

Are you looking for a small cooker hood that looks good in a narrow kitchen? Below follows a selection of small and narrow cooker hoods.

But first, let’s look at the key points to consider when selecting a small cooker hood.

How to select a designer cooker hood for your small kitchen
Have you considered what finish you’d like your cooker hood to be? A shiny hood reflects light and will make your kitchen look brighter and slightly bigger. Also, consider the shape of your cooker hood – a smaller elegant design will suit better than a larger cooker hood that can make your kitchen look small.

What extraction rate do you need to keep the air in your small kitchen fresh? An easy formula to calculate the required extraction is to multiply the “volume” of your kitchen by 10. For example: a kitchen that is 3 meters wide and 4 meters long with a ceiling height of 2.4 meters, requires an extraction rate of at least 290 m3/h.

Does your cooker hood need to be ducted out? You don’t have to duct out, but the main advantage of ducting out is that it also removes steam from your kitchen and helps to prevent mould.

What are the cooker hood options for a small or narrow kitchen?

Kite Small wall-mounted hood
The Kite Small chimney hood is 55cm wide and suitable for hobs up to 70cm wide. It is available in white or black glass. If you activate the timer of the Kite, the extractor will run for an extra five minutes to clean the air after you’ve finished cooking. Kite extractors are wall-mounted and suitable for recirculation or ducting out (a separate chimney kit is required if you’re ducting out). The extraction rate of the Kite is 740 m3/h.

Lampedusa and Gloss island hoods
The narrow shape of the Lampedusa hides a powerful motor with an extraction rate of 630 m3/h. The diameter of this hood is only 320mm. The Gloss island hood is slightly bigger with a width of 455mm and a depth of 435mm.

The Lampedusa and Gloss island hoods are ceiling mounted, but can be installed close to a wall – making them suitable for narrow kitchens. And they can be either ducted out or used in recirculation mode. The Gloss hood features a timer and LED lighting.

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3 designer pendant hoods
The Vertigo, Sphera and Moon pendant hoods have a diameter of only 500mm and can be installed close to a wall. In terms of performance there’s no difference between the three hoods – each is suitable for recirculation only and each features an extraction rate of 390 m3/h.

How should you choose? It’s really depends on which look you prefer. The Sphera in chrome will beautifully reflect the light in your kitchen. It’s also available in white or black. The simple lines of the Moon pendant hood will suit almost any kitchen design and you have a choice of white, black or a stainless steel finish. The flowing lines of the stainless steel Vertigo will give your kitchen a sophisticated look.

Other options
If you prefer your extractor to be less visible, then you could consider our Cirrus ceiling hood (which is built into the ceiling), the Movie or Lift 60cm downdraft hoods (which are hidden away below your work surface when not in use) or the 52cm Visso canopy hood. The Visso features Advanced Sensor Control (ASC). When the sensors detect steam, vapours, gas and smoke, the extractor will be switched on automatically. It also adjusts its speed level depending on the amount of cooking smells. That’s one less thing to think about when you’re busy cooking!

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