A guide to cooker hood filters

A guide to cooker hood filters

The charcoal and metal grease filters in your cooker hood play an important role in keeping the air in your kitchen clean. How do they work? And what is the difference?

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Below we explain everything you need to know about extractor filters…

Grease filters
Grease filters are usually made from metal. Grease filters trap fats when the air is pulled through them.

No matter whether you have your cooker hood in ducted or recirculation mode, you require grease filters. They come with each hood as standard.

To remove fats trapped in grease filters (and to maintain extraction performance), grease filters require regular cleaning. Fortunately, BEST grease filters are dishwasher proof!

Charcoal filters
Charcoal filters are also called carbon filters. They help purify air by absorbing odours. Each charcoal filter can absorb a limited amount of odours. You need to replace them, therefore, on a regular basis. At BEST we recommend replacing charcoal filters every two to three months (or more regularly if you use them frequently when stir-frying, griddling or frying).

You only need charcoal filters when you have your cooker hood in recirculation mode. When you have your cooker hood ducted out, charcoal filters are not necessary, because the air will be removed to the outside.

For some cooker hood models charcoal filters are attached to the motor, while for others they are fastened onto the metal grease filters.

Some cooker hoods will come with a set of charcoal filters as standard. For other hoods, you need to buy them as an optional extra. Spare sets of charcoal filters for your BEST cooker hood can be purchased from our Spare Parts Department (phone 01253 471111 – option 3). All BEST charcoal filters are manufactured to size. When you order them, you need to tell us for which cooker hood you require charcoal filters.

Wave filters
Wave filters are a type of grease filter specially developed by BEST. The three-dimensional shape of the filter means that the filter takes up less space but captures more grease. This also allows a quieter performance of the hood.

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The Spark and Polar Island hoods and the Polar wall-mounted all feature wave filters. They’re also extremely quiet.