A guide to cooker hood installation

A guide to cooker hood installation

Before you finalise your new kitchen design, it’s useful to consider how the installation of your cooker hood will be affected by the design. Here are a few key questions to consider…

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Have you decided whether your hood will be ducted out or used in recirculation mode?

A ducted hood traps fats in grease filters and then removes steam and odours from the kitchen to the outside. A hood in recirculation mode will recycle air back into your kitchen after trapping fats in grease filters and absorbing odours in charcoal filters. Charcoal filters need to be replaced regularly to maintain your cooker hood performance.

If possible, we recommend you to have your cooker hood ducted out. The extraction performance will be slightly better. Moreover, a ducted hood will remove steam and condensation from your kitchen.

How far away from an outside wall will your cooker hood be?

If you’d like to have your cooker hood ducted out, it’s always better to have it as close as possible to an outside wall. If you’re having an island or ceiling hood, consider the joists, because the ducting will have to run in the same direction!

Will the extraction rate of your cooker hood be sufficient to keep the air in your kitchen clean and fresh? If you’re unsure, check out our guide on extraction rates.

If you haven’t decided which cooker hood to buy, check out our guide to buying a cooker hood. This beginner's guide includes information on the 6 main types of cooker hoods available, as well as tips on selecting the right model.

The basics of your cooker hood installation

Do you understand the building regulations that may affect your cooker hood installation? We explain two main building regulations here.

How your cooker hood is installed will impact its extraction performance and noise level. Click the links below to find out more:

How to increase the efficiency of your cooker hood

How to reduce the noise made by your extractor fan

If you’re interested in a super-quiet hood, check out our 3 options for extremely quiet cooker hoods.

Specific cooker hood installations

The height of your ceiling can create particular challenges for your cooker hood installation. Learn about 5 cooker hood types for low ceilings and island cooker hoods for high ceilings.

Do you have any other questions about installing your BEST cooker hood? Call our Technical Department on 0871 871 8680 for advice.