Four designer chimney hoods with unusual designs

Four designer chimney hoods with unusual designs

Are you looking for a designer chimney hood that will add some glamour to your kitchen? Maybe a slightly unusual cooker hood? Something that doesn’t look like an extractor?

Below follow the four most unusual BEST chimney hood designs. Alternatively, check out the full selection of BEST chimney cooker hoods here.

The Equinox is the most glamorous BEST designer chimney hood. Choose from a dazzling combination of chrome and white glass, or a sophisticated partnering of black and mirror glass. An extraction rate of 745 m3/h makes this extractor suitable for relatively large open plan kitchens (e.g. a kitchen of 5m x 7m with a ceiling height of 2.2m). A chimney kit is available if you’d like to have your Equinox ducted out.

The stylish curved line of the Shelf chimney hood shows how much hood designs have moved on from the traditional pyramid shape. The Shelf hood design – made from stainless steel – is inspired by the recent popularity of rounded kitchen cabinets. The extraction rate of the Shelf is 715 m3/h. Suitable for ducting out and recirculation.

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The Azimuth chimney hood teams shiny black glass with polished stainless steel. Part of a large range of black glass cooker hoods, the Azimuth is perhaps the most imaginative thanks to its asymmetric design. The Azimuth designer chimney hood features an extraction rate of 740 m3/h. And thanks to its angled design, you won’t easily bump your head! A separate chimney kit is available if you’d like to duct out the Azimuth hood.

The Latina is the only designer chimney hood of this quartet without curves. The Latina’s mirror finish adds allure, while its simple, straight lines make this hood suitable for most kitchen designs. The Latina chimney hood has an extraction rate of 695 m3/h and can be used for ducting out and recirculation.