Chimney cooker hoods for low ceilings

Chimney cooker hoods for low ceilings

When talking about chimney hoods, we usually refer to wall-mounted cooker hoods.

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Chimney hoods for kitchens with ceilings lower than 2.3 meters

BEST angled hoods are suited for kitchens with low ceilings because they can be installed only 50cm above a gas hob or 40cm above an electric hob – most other hoods need to be installed at least 65cm above a hob.

Moreover, the height of a BEST angled hood is relatively low – especially if you have the cooker hood in recirculation mode and don’t require a chimney kit.

The following table shows the minimum ceiling height for BEST angled hoods:

Recirculation mode Ducted out
Above an electric hob 1.83m 2.20m
Above a gas hob 1.93m 2.3

Please note that the figures above assume a work surface height of 90cm.

The BEST selection of angled cooker hoods includes: Kite, Sun, Mask, Surf and Azimuth.

How to calculate what ceiling height is required for a chimney hood

In order to calculate whether the height of your chimney hood is suitable for your kitchen, you require the following information:

A. The distance from the floor to your hob: usually 90cm, but in some cases your work surface and hob may be higher.

B. The minimum height required between your hob and the cooker hood: In most cases this is 65cm, but check with the manufacturer as there are some exceptions (see also the height required for angled hoods above).

C. The minimum height of your chimney hood. For most hoods this will be between 75cm and 85cm. To check the minimum height of BEST chimney hoods, download the technical diagram on each product web page.

To calculate the minimum ceiling height required for your chimney hood add the values for A, B and C as above. You’ll find that most cooker hoods require a ceiling height of at least 2.3 meters (or 7.5 feet).

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