Trends in decorative cooker hoods

Trends in decorative cooker hoods

The first decorative cooker hoods were manufactured in the 1970s in Italy by BEST. At that time cooker hoods were relatively simple pyramid shaped hoods. A lot has changed since. Completely new types of cooker hoods have been developed, new contemporary styles have been created, and new technology has become available.




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Hidden cooker hoods

Cirrus The two newest types of cooker hoods make your cooker hood almost invisible in the kitchen.

Ceiling hoods are completely integrated in the architecture of your kitchen as they are built into your ceiling – usually a false ceiling. The Cirrus ceiling hood is made from stainless steel; the Phobos and Enigma cooker hood covers are made from polyurethane and can be painted to match the colour of your ceiling.

Downdraft cooker hoods
are hidden below your work surface when they are not in use. Like ceiling hoods they can be operated by remote control. To complement your kitchen design BEST downdraft cooker hoods are available in a selection of black glass, white glass and stainless steel.

Innovative cooker hood designs

What would you like your decorative cooker hood to look like? You can have cooker hoods that look like iconic lighting designs, fancy mirrors, or pieces of art.

Kite wall-mounted hoodThere is a wide choice of materials, and some inspirational hood designs combine different materials. The popular Kite wall-mounted hood, for instance, combines black or white glass with chrome. The Equinox wall-mounted hood offers a choice between black and mirror glass or white glass and chrome. The Lipari island hood teams stainless steel with translucent red Lexan (polycarbonate). The Secret hood even offers the option of attaching your own custom panel.

Double VertigoSome of the most innovative cooker hoods are made from stainless steel. The flowing lines of the Double Vertigo make it look like a piece of art. The Vintage and Moon pendant style hoods look like lighting designs. The unusual curved shape of the Shelf hides a powerful extractor.

Cooker hoods with perimeter extraction feature a glass or stainless steel panel which neatly hides the grease filters. This also improves the extraction power because the air is forced through small apertures along the perimeter of the hood. It makes the hood quieter, too!

New technology in decorative cooker hoods

The basic methods of cooker hood extraction have remained the same. Ducted cooker hoods remove the air from the kitchen to the outside, while recirculation cooker hoods recycle the air back into the kitchen after purification. Extraction technology, however, has improved hugely making cooker hoods quieter and more environmentally friendly. Some cooker hoods can even operate completely automatically!

BEST Silent Tech

SparkThe noise level of BEST Silent Tech cooker hoods is almost imperceptible at low speeds. Thanks to sophisticated sound proofing and three-dimensional wave filters, sound output is reduced by 36% compared to traditional motors while maintaining powerful extraction.

BEST Silent Tech is available for the Spark and Polar island hoods; and the Polar wall-mounted hoods.


Energy saving

Polar island hoodBEST has created a three-phase electronic motor for extractors. This motor saves an average of 55% energy compared to traditional motors. The three-phase motor is used in the Spark and Polar island hoods; and the Polar wall-mounted hoods.

LED lights only require 3 watts – compared to 20 watts for halogen lights. Moreover, LED lights have a life span of up to 40,000 hours. The following hoods feature LED lighting: all ceiling hoods; the Lift downdraft hood; and the Spark and Gloss island hoods.

Advanced Sensor Control

Imagine you don’t need to worry about switching on your cooker hood, adjusting its speed level nor about turning it off… Thanks to the patented Advanced Sensor Control (ASC) you can devote your attention to talking to friends while cooking rather than worry about keeping you’re the air in your kitchen fresh.

The ASC system automatically switches on your cooker hood when odours, gas, steam or smoke is detected. The speed will be automatically adjusted depending on the amount of steam, smoke, etc detected. So if you burn your steak, the hood will automatically switch itself to the highest speed level. When you have finished cooking, the extractor will continue to operate until all odours have been removed from your kitchen, and then turn itself off.


Why switch off the hood straight away after you’ve finished cooking? It’s better to keep the extractor running for a few more minutes to finalise cleaning the air in the kitchen. That’s what a BEST timer allows you to do. Select the speed required, press the timer and the extractor will continue to run for five more minutes before switching itself off.