A guide to buying and installing a canopy hood

A guide to buying and installing a canopy hood

A canopy hood is usually fitted into a canopy or over mantel housing.

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The most popular installation for a Visso canopy hood, however, is into a cabinet.

Below follow 6 things to consider when buying and installing a canopy hood.

1. What cooker hood depth do you need?

The 52cm Visso has a depth of only 25.8mm. Thanks to its slim design the Visso can be installed into most cabinets. Kitchen designers love this option because – unlike telescopic hoods – the Visso will not interrupt the clean lines of the kitchen cabinets.

2. What hood width do you need?

The 52cm The Visso cooker hood is suitable above hobs up to 70cm wide. The 70cm Visso can be fitted above hobs up to 90cm wide.

3. What extraction power do you require?

This depends on the size of your kitchen. With an extraction power of 630 m3/h the Visso is suitable for a kitchen with a total volume of up to 63 m3/h (e.g. a kitchen of 7m x 4m with a ceiling height of 2.25m).

4. Should you have your canopy hood ducted out or in recirculation mode?

If possible, we recommend having your cooker hood ducted out. It prevents condensation building up in your kitchen because it removes steam to the outside. If you’re not sure, check out our comparison between ducted and recirculation hoods.

5. How high should the canopy hood Angels Camp be?

The minimum distance between your hob and cooker hood should be 65cm. This is not just for safety reasons; it also allows you enough space for cooking!

6. Are there any other features to look out for?

For your safety and convenience, the Visso canopy hood features Advanced Sensor Control. You can operate this hood completely automatically. Its sensor will detect smoke, vapours, gas and steam. Not only will it switch itself on and off automatically, it will also adjust its speed. You don’t have to bend over the hob to increase the extraction speed just when you’re searing meat or preparing a quick stir fry.

Click here to check out the specifications of the Visso canopy hoods.