Each product is guaranteed by the highest quality standards. Each project is designed with the utmost personal attention to detail.

BEST has won many prestigious international awards in the field of certification and design.

BEST is certified ISO 9001:2000 (Vision 2000).

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To ensure the safety and the quality of its products, BEST voluntarily complies with the NEMKO European certification. This is in addition to the CE certification.

NEMKO, is one of the most prestigious independent Institutes of European Certifications, and the products manufactured by BEST are subjected to rigorous tests against discerning standards. The production process also undergoes on-going periodic monitoring to maintain quality levels.

The NEMKO certification provides a guarantee that the products have been manufactured in compliance with all safety requirements and verified by a third party.

NEMKO European certification


Community and national standards cover many aspects of safety and quality on household electric goods. The overriding principle, however, is the safety of any person who may come into contact with or use the product.

The “CE” marking, which deals with a product’s conformity with European standards, is the only certification required. It is a self-certification placed on the product by the manufacturer and as such certifies compliance with the community legislation in force. The CE legislation relates to conformity with electrical safety and with electromagnetic compatibility. All household goods manufactured and placed on the market in the European Union are obliged to bear the “CE” marking.

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BEST cooker hoods are manufactured to the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Every detail is produced with uncompromising quality. All BEST products are guaranteed for two years and extended five year warranties are available.

Please note that all guarantees and warranties relate to domestic installations only and not to commercial premises.

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