BEST Group Profile

Since 1995 BEST S.p.A. has been part of the American group Nortek Inc., based in Providence, Rhode Island. This group is a leader in North America in domestic and industrial ventilation systems.

The Nortek group includes the Broan-NuTone Group which consists of companies operating in different areas:

  • Production and sales of range hoods: Broan-NuTone USA, Pacific, Zephyr, Broan Building Products Mexico, Broan-NuTone Canada, BEST SpA (BEST Italy), BEST Poland
  • Production and sales of bath fans: Broan-NuTone USA, Broan-NuTone Canada
  • Production of electric motors: Elektromec
  • Production of intercom systems and audio: NuTone
  • Production of medicine cabinets: Broan-NuTone Storage Solutions
  • Production of residential ventilation systems: Venmar Ventilation
  • Production of central vacuum systems: Broan-NuTone Canada
  • Marketing of range hoods: BEST Deutschland

The BEST Group is made up of the following companies:

  • BEST S.p.A. (BEST Italy)
  • BEST Poland
  • BEST Deutschland
  • BEST France
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